This Training focused on technican and practitioner with technical experiance. The training contain following lectures:


Fault Tolernat Systems

This course focused on safety structures and architectures for hardware, software and mechanical systems.
Lecture length: 26h


System Safety

The System safety course will focused to safety applications in the area of process and production industries.
Lecture length: 24h


Functional Safety Management I

The Functional Safety Management I course covers all organisational tasks around the safety application life cycle. This includes the organisation, documentation, verification and validation activities.
Lecture length: 4h


Functional Safety Management II

The Functional safety management II course covers all organisational tasks around the safety projects. This includes requirement engineering, quality planing, test planing, verification and validation activities, documentation and reports.
Lecture length: 22h


Risk Analysis I

The Risk Analysys course brings an understanding of hazzards and risks of plants and machinery.
Lecture Length: 4h