This Training focused on technican and practitioner with technical experiance who succesfully finished the Advanced-Traning. The training contain following lectures:



This course focused on the mathematical background for calculating safety related parameters and critical values. For example probabilty theory, reliability models, falure rate calcualtion and simulation.
Lecture length: 18h


Formal Verification and Validation Techniques

Thi courses will focused on Formal Methods. For example Formal Requirement Engineering, fundamentals of formal techniques, Modelling and Simulation, programming with formal aspects and Formal Model Checking.
Lecture length: 16h


Reliability theory

Thi courses will focused on reliable and available architectures and their qualification mehtodes like Fault Tree analysis, FMEA and HAZOP.
Lecture length: 32h


Standards and Laws

The Standard and Laws course provide an overview of the Product Liability Act, European Machine Directive and the resulting standards.
Lecture Length: 4h